Posted by: gospelworkers | January 9, 2010

Pause Rest Worship

With no further Sabbath preparations to do, Friday was spent doing some sight-seeing.  We saw lots of cabbage and lettuce fields near Yuma.

Along the highway at this lettuce field we saw the following sign:

That sign caused us to look down the lane and this is what we saw –

There was another couple there from southern Idaho.  I asked them if they would like their picture taken in front of the church.  They said they didn’t, but did we want ours taken?  Yes we did.

The four of us then entered the tiny chapel.  Jack went up to the front and was signing the guest register.  I asked if he would humor us and stand behind the pulpit.  The other couple suggested he needed a Bible and there was one on a front pew.

History is:  Mr. Pratt, a local farmer, got the idea for a little chapel when he was on vacation in Washington state with his family.  With the help of his family and friends the chapel was completed and had it’s official opening Christmas weekend, 1996.  According to a newspaper article from the The Sun, Yuma, AZ, Friday, April 10, 1998, “the doors are open to anyone, regardless of their religious beliefs.”

On our way out of the chapel Jack said to the new people coming in, “Just in time for the sermon.”  One gentleman asked, “Where’s the preacher?”  Jack’s response:  “He’s just leaving.”


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